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The difference between quartz stone and stone

Now the market has quartz stone, stone enterprises. The layman knew nothing about the difference between them, and knew that they were all man-made.

So what is the difference between quartz stone and stone:

1, quartz stone is made of 94% of the quartz and 6% of the resin, hardness of 7 degrees, and the stone is made of marble powder and resin synthesis, so the hardness is generally 4-6 degrees, simply that is quartz Stone than the stone hard, than he scratch, wear.

2, quartz stone can be reused, because the quartz stone internal material is evenly distributed, so whether the positive or negative are basically the same, that is, the surface has been a serious collision after the damaged, positive, Simple polished and polished can achieve the same effect as the original front, thus greatly reducing maintenance costs and costs. And the stone can not be reused, because its positive effect is specially produced, once the damage can no longer be used. Simply said that the quartz stone is not easy to break, and the stone is easy to break.

3, quartz stone because of its own characteristics of the material, determines its high temperature, 300 degrees Celsius below the temperature will not have any impact on it, that is, there will be no deformation and fracture; Gang stone because it contains a lot of resin, so in the High temperature conditions are particularly prone to deformation and performance of the phenomenon of charred.

4, quartz stone is no radiation products, no adverse effects on the body; we produce quartz stone raw materials are no radiation of quartz; and the stone is made of natural marble powder, so there may be radiation, the body adversely affected.

5, look at the sample when the surface of the stone layer of a protective film. Quartz stone surface without any processing.

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