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Advantages of granite countertop

The beautiful of granite countertop
Few other materials neither natural or man made can surpass the beauty of polished. The choices for color are limitless. It is no doubt that one can find a color and pattern that he loves. He can match to any kind kitchen design or color palette. His tastes will not have to be compromised.

The durability of granite
is durable as its beauty. It is one of the most durable materials available for or bathroom. Granite countertop has high stain and discoloration resistance. You can directly put your hot pans on the, chop vegetables without a cutting board, cut out cookies right on the surface, knead and roll dough on the granite countertop, and countless other food preparation tasks. Granite countertop won't hold and grow bacteria as wood and plastic cutting boards. You can rest easy knowing you are preparing your food safely.
Granite compliments any design or style
There are not two sames. Because of the choices you can mix and match your way into any kitchen. The granite patterns and hues are limitless just as hardware choices. You can match oil rubbed bronze hardware, satin nickel hardware, brass hardware, and so on. Granite is appropriate for any style home from shingle style to the most basic capes.

Adds value to home
Compared to other kitchen countertop materials, granite is expensive. Luckily, install a granite countertop will add value to your home than the cost of the stone and the installation. Nothing adds more value to a house than beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. A beautiful kitchen with a cheap granite countertop will actually lower the value of the home and make it much less attractive to buyers.

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