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Newstar White Marble Stone

Marble is a metamorphic limestone and dolomite knot made, the color of white, gray and lines primarily, if any iron, manganese impurities, is pink, marble impurities if unevenly distributed, then the formation of a variety pattern of nuclear colors, easy to cut or engraved marble molding, can be made thin, the polished surface, will show bright mirror, although the price is expensive, but it is quite textured wall material. Marble is metamorphic rock. Marble has a rich color and pattern, creating a smooth, soft feel, is mainly used for interior walls, countertops, various sculptures and craft products.

Because a lot of natural stone colors, so you in the choice of stone, the color is also very important. Usually red symbolizes warmth, passion, decorated with red granite lobby, gives a welcoming festive feel. White, gray clean and bright, suitable for decorative bathroom and kitchen.Dark gray and black gives a solemn sense of steady, with several shades of different colors and parquet, but will prioritize, increase a sense of lively and coordination.

Marble Tiles is a stylish and elegant natural stone, and you never have to consider whether it will be outdated. It will make your home design perfect. Newstar have marble tile colors from all over the world for you to choose. Here are the two hot items for your ref.

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