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Use Travertine on Countertops

Travertine is a very distinct form of stone tile cut from mineral-formed that has naturally occurring craters, pockmarks, and holes in the surface. Some travertine applications are installed with the holes left open, for a natural look. But if you're using it for a countertop , food, grease, and other things can collect in the holes. For travertine, grout over the holes, in a contrasting shade of grout that highlights their shapes while providing a flat work surface.

Instructions as follows:
Firstly, measure and cut pieces of 1/4-inch cement board to size for each span of your countertop . (Cut them by scoring them with your razor knife and breaking them.) Spread carpenter's glue on the back of the boards. Set them in place and secure them with galvanized screws about every square foot, using your screwgun.

Secondly, with your level and pencil, mark a line at the middle of your, going from front to back and down over the front edge.

Thirdly, measure the front edge of the countertop, and use your wet saw to cut travertines to size. Spread thinset mortar over the edge with your notched trowel and press the tiles into place, using your center line as the starting point. Put 1/8-inch spacers between the tiles.

Fourthly, lay the tiles for the countertop so that the edges of them come out even with the surface of the cut tiles on the front edge. Start laying the top tiles at the center line, in front, and work your way back and to the sides, spreading thinset mortar as needed. Put plastic spacers between them. Cut the back and edge pieces as needed.

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