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Full Automatic Trim Processing

This type of stone processing machines may be in the line of computer assisted setup process, automatic production of various shapes moldings. Compared with the traditional manual or semi-mechanical processing methods, made ​​a breakthrough improvement. Which machine has high production efficiency, product quality is good. Processing and low cost of many new advantages, widely used in ceramic, marble, granite and other different materials.
Product Description:
The model line stone polishing machine is the latest generation of products, ceramics, stone, marble, artificial stone, quartz stone, granite, granite polishing line combinations equipment, from coarse grinding and polishing two hosts stereotypes composition.
The product structure of fine, stable, stereotypes using fixed-mill grinding deep way, shape round shape or a combination of circular saw blades + wheel components.
1, the combination saw blade processing effect, low cost, can take advantage of high cutting efficiency of diamond saw blades, manufactured stone lines forming speed characteristics, to achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency, but also give full play to different outer diameter circle blade can be processed according to the shape of the curve of the stone lines can be freely combined.
2, low breakage rate, circular saw blades thin, small contact surface, the pressure applied to the stone is small, because most of the grinding capacity from molding combination saw blade cutting, forming milling grinding wheel is relatively reduced.
3, forming milling wheels reduce the cost of the use of the device by a combination of the first two can be composed of circular saw blades, followed by two groups forming milling wheels (one thick one thin) combined circular saw blades can be combined into different curves.
Newstar supply Full Automatic Trim Processing service. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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