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Maintenance Way of Quartz

Everything has its weaknesses, although quartz owns the comprehensive advantages of other materials, quartz will also be damaged in the process of destructive use. When use, you should pay attention to the following:

First of all, the sharp weapon may cause harm to the surface and the material itself. Quartz belongs to the composite material with high hardness, which has the high ability to resist impact scratch. Thus, as long as don't use a sharp weapon to damage, quartz is usually not wear and tear. If there is a special material on the counter which is hard to remove, if necessary, you could use the cutter scrape gently, you should avoid the use of high hardness tool to scrape at the same time.

Secondly, high temperature will harm the quartz countertop . Although the surface of quartz is very good in heat resistance, it generally won't be seared, but any material has the characteristics of heat bilges and cold shrink. High-temperature could change the internal structure, a long period of overheating materials can lead to accidental injuries. In quartz, use should be avoided in the process of mesa of fire barbecue, do not use high quantity of heat of vessel directly placed on the table, should use pot pad to protect quartzs to prevent damage.

Thirdly, the long-term direct UV light will affect the surface glossiness of quartzs, resulting in uneven color.


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