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stone surface introduction


First, with the rapid development of stone technology, the effect of treatment on the surface of the stone has become increasingly diverse, the current effect of the inner surface of the stone industry, mainly in the following categories: glossy, matt surface, pickling surface, sandblasted surface, flamed , ax face, litchi surface, hammering surface, brushed surface, antique, mushroom noodles, natural fracture surface, special surface etc.
The following sequence of the related surface effects are introduced:
One, polished: Surface is very smooth, highly polished, with mirror effect, a high gloss. Granite, marble and limestone are usually polished, and require different maintenance to keep its luster.
Granite, marble and limestone are usually polished, and require different maintenance to keep its luster.
2nd  matt surface: smooth surface, but low-grade polished, resulting in diffuse, dull, no mirror effect, light pollution.
Third, the acid side: stone surface with acid corrosion, making it a small traces of corrosion, the appearance is more rustic than the polished surface. Most of the stones can be pickled, but the most common are marble and limestone. Pickling is a method to soften the luster of granite.
Fourth, the blasting surface: sand or carborundum with normal-pressure water to flush instead of the stone surface to form a flat surface frosted decorative effect
Fifth, flamed: After fire, mostly scaly surface, the surface color and gloss are different. Sub-surface and burning equipment burning hand side two, the former is used and shaped edges, which is used for large plate
Sixth, ax face: the shape of an ax splitting the scene, two kinds of hand and machine processing methods
Seventh, bush-hummared surface: surface roughness, uneven, is on the surface with a chisel carved dense hole, there is an imitation of the long years of dripping water droplets of an effect on stone
Eighth, brushed surface: The surface consists of many ditch, of two kinds of handmade and Italian imitation machine processing methods and processing.
Nine, antique side: stone used to imitate certain number of years after the old side effects processing, generally used is generally used antique antique abrasive brush or water treatment, typically antique abrasive brush effects and higher cost, but also more environmentally friendly.
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