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how to select the stone


What are the classification and how to select the stone


Decorate in household in some also would use the stone, stone material is natural stone good use cash or artificial stone? What natural stone material classification and how to choose? Small make up in this brief introduction for you.
One, stone material classification
Stone material is divided into natural stone and artificial stone, natural stone material according to the geological classification is divided into three types of magmatic rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks; Artificial stone is divided into the cement type of artificial stone, artificial stone polyester type, compound artificial stone and sintering type artificial stone.
Second, the technical features of natural stone:
1. The compressive strength. Is a homogeneous anisotropic brittle material. According to the standard stipulated in the standard test method for determination of stone sample average compressive strength, the stone strength is divided into nine grades.
2. Apparent density. Associated with the mineral composition and the porosity of stone material, according to the apparent density can be divided into two types: light and heavy stone.
3. Water resistance. Stone the size of the water resistance according to the value of softening coefficient, can be divided into three classes, namely:
High resistance to water stone: softening coefficient greater than 0.9;
Water resistance: stone material softening coefficient between 0.7-0.9;
Low resistance to water stone: softening coefficient between 0.6-0.6
4. Water imbibition. The decrease of strength of stone after water absorption, frost resistance, thermal conductivity increases, the water resistance and durability. Apparent density of stone material, porosity is small, bibulous rate is small.
5. Frost resistance. Frost resistance and absorption of the stone size there is a close relationship. Bibulous rate is big stone commonly, antifreeze performance is poor. In addition, frost resistance and stone water saturation degree and freeze related degree and number of freezing and thawing. Stone under the water saturation state, after the specified number of freeze-thaw cycle, without running through the seam and more than 5% weight loss, strength loss of no more than 25%, the qualified for frost resistance.
Three, natural stone material, how to choose
1. The tablets. SLATE is dense rocks carved out or cut into a certain thickness of rock plate.
2. The square with a stone floor, road, garden path.
3. The stone material. Material stone refers to artificial chop chisel or mechanical processing and become, more rule hexahedral stone shape. According to the degree of surface processing flat is divided into four kinds: wool rock; Coarse material stone; Half fine stone material; Fine stone material. If the shape is divided into broad gravel, stones, and voussoir (wedge). Stone material is mainly used in the structure of the foundation, le feet, wall body and other parts, half fine stone material and fine material is mainly used for veneer stone material.
4. The rubble. Rubble refers to mining, raw stones of irregular shape. Freestone is mainly used in masonry buildings, Angle and wall body and the basis of retaining wall, embankment and slope protection, can also be used to casting flaky concrete.

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