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Travertine characteristic


Travertine belongs to continental sedimentary rocks, it is a calcium carbonate sediments. Travertine mostly formed in limestone terrain rich in calcium carbonate, calcium dissolved in water by calcium carbonate and other minerals deposited in the riverbed, and the formation of the lake and other places. Since the process of re-accumulation of sometimes voids, and because of its main ingredient is calcium carbonate, its corrosion can easily be dissolved in water, these deposits will be many natural irregular holes.

Travertine is because there are many holes in the surface of the stone, named after its scientific name is travertine stone or travertine, commercial, be classified as marble classes. Human use of the very old stone, the most representative buildings of Roman culture - arena is Travertine original masterpiece.

Travertine beige tones with the majority, but also makes people feel a mild, rich texture, stripes clear, prompting decorate buildings often strong cultural and historical charm, building on many parts of the world to use. By the American architectural firm IM Pei designed the Bank of China in Beijing Xidan intersection inside and outside the building renovation, Rome, Italy, on the choice of travertine, shared the 20,000 square meters. Why not call it marble, because of its texture and appearance with the traditional sense of the different marble, decorative circles simply on the convention. Its formation on the atmospheric conditions generally considered from a carbonate-containing springs (usually hot springs) into a calcium precipitated material. Specific to carbon dioxide formation containing groundwater circulation plants take a lot of calcium in the solution of carbonate, when the ground surface reaches springs, some of the carbon dioxide released and condensed on the calcium carbonate deposition layer, the formation of the rare gas bubbles (voids), which has travertine. The limestone and marine sediment is different, travertine mostly in rivers or lakes, ponds made rapid deposition, the deposition of the organic matter in this fast and gases can not be released, which appears beautiful texture, but the downside is that it also generates an internal fissures layered, making it consistent with the grain direction strength weakened. Because travertine holes, its unit density is not large, suitable for covering material, and is not suitable for building structural materials, basic materials. In the past people have used rubber Travertine lot as the basis for building and structural materials, but with concrete, it is now little used. Yellow Travertine addition, there are green, white, purple, pink, brown, and other. Travertine of Henan have discovered and outputs.

Travertine mainly used in the building's exterior and interior decoration flooring, wall hangings.

Because of the unique natural travertine formation process, so the division is also some confusion, some of it designated to marble, because it is a limestone formation, while others still regard it as limestone, after all, he has not been metamorphosed process.

Because it is a natural travertine limestone formation, so its color varieties and limestone almost, but due to the formation conditions, travertine (tufa) colors will be richer than the limestone, but also more vivid color a little. Travertine are usually gray, off-white, beige, yellow, gold, brown, coffee, light red, brown and red and other colors, but a small part of a green seams too thin, there is no exploitation.

Travertine (travertine) features

1 Travertine homogeneous lithology, texture, hardness is small, very easy on the mining and processing, specific gravity (density) is light, easy to transport, is a very versatile building stone.

2 Travertine has good processability, soundproofing and insulation, can be deep-processing applications, is an excellent decorative building materials.

3 travertine fine texture, processing adaptability, high hardness is small, easy to carve, suitable for carving timber and shaped timber.

4 Travertine color rich, Arts and unique, more unique structure, have a good decorative performance, and because of the holes in travertine natural features and beautiful texture, but also do bonsai and other garden rockery stone of good material .

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