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Granite Garden Stepping Stone


Granite Garden Stepping Stone


Granite is a beautiful, hardwearing stone .  At home in both traditional and modern settings, the characteristics of granite are synonymous with durability and beauty. Thus, granite steppings could help create an elegant and refined finish to any project.  The perfect accessory for any garden, these stepping stones can be used in existing pathways or to create a unique path going through the grass.


Meanwhile, it makes one of the best walkways that you can install. This is because is water resistant making it perfect for keeping shoes clean when it rains. When you install granite stepping stone walkway you should make sure that you follow some of these steps to complete your walkway the first time around.


1.    The first layer should be a layer of gravel. The gravel will provide drainage for when it rains, snows, and frosts. This is especially important if your walkway is going to run through a low lying or wet area.

2.    Next you want to make sure that you embed your granite walkway with compacted sand. The compacting is very easy and can be done quickly with water. There should be about a half of an inch of sand below the stones as well as between them. This will provide the extra support for them to stay in place.

3.    Finally, if you notice that your stepping stones like to move you may want to install some edge support.





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