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Stone Kitchen Sink


 Stone Kitchen Sink

Stone is becoming a more popular option for those tired of the standard stainless steel sink. The material adds Old World style and strong-as-a-rock durability to any kitchen . 
You might have to go back in time to find a greater use of stone than in today's new and remodeled homes. Already a classic countertop , backsplash and flooring mainstay, stone is now morphing into the most utilitarian tool in the — the sink. The same characteristics of strength and beauty that make stone a best-selling material also make it a natural for sinks.
The increasing popularity of stone sinks is part of a larger design trend toward Old World style natural materials, such as stone, wood and copper, and away from man-made materials like stainless steel. Healy, who's been selling what he terms "functional art" for more than 10 years, says that people want utilitarian objects to be beautiful, and stone is a good way to have both form 
and function. And, he notes, your kitchen won't look like your neighbor's, because every piece of stone is intrinsically different.
Usually, stone kitchen sinks are carved out of one solid piece, either farmhouse style or small round prep sinks. The front of a farmhouse sink can be left in its rough, natural state or it can be polished and even carved. The other option is a boxy sink fabricated from granite or others — the best choice if you want to match your chosen countertop . Regardless of the design, 
though, your cabinets will require some extra reinforcement to support a stone sink, says Joe Percoco of Percoco Marble and Tile in Denver, Colo. He strongly recommends that the sink cabinet be reinforced to hold the extra weight, which can total more than 300 pounds. Percoco says that one of their block sinks can require "four guys to get it into place." Make sure your cabinets have similar strength.
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