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How to choose the stone decoration and color match

Decoration stone with comfortable space is an important element of the display. Has a natural beauty with patterns and colors of stone, provides designers with a broad design space, her own unique charm conquered countless stars love it heart. Stone choices, how to effectively mix the like, will be related to the overall effect of the decoration.

Decoration stone selection and matching:

1, color is an important factor in the selection of stone impact. It is mainly composed of primary colors, color, pattern of three parts. General color matrix or rock granules, tablets are part of the color, different colors of stone often determines the decorative effect and application of occasions. Such as the red color tone granite display of wealth, luxury, elegance; and black granite color tone is displayed dignified, solemn and elegant; marble green color is vibrant; all of these are different shades of stone suitable for different decorative applications.

2, functional, natural stone finishes should be considered in addition to hue, we must also consider the function of ornament. In the home, the living room and bedroom decor should use warm colors to show a warm, comfortable atmosphere; and for bathroom, kitchen decor, elegance of Eau should use cool colors to show the clean.

3, decorative intent and environmental impact, due to the use of natural stone finishes in different parts of decoration, so the choice of different types of stone. When used for outdoor decoration, you need to withstand wind and rain and sun, granite because they do not contain carbonates, water absorption is small, strong wind resistance capabilities, the best choice of all types of granite stone; for the hall ground decorative facing stone, requiring stable physical and chemical properties, high mechanical strength, should be the preferred class of granite stone.

Dado and home decor for the bedroom floor, somewhat less mechanical strength should be chosen with a beautiful marble pattern.

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