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Teach you how to choose inexpensive granite countertops

Granite with its wear-resistant, anti-oil properties are more and more families love. Granite countertops have become the preferred natural stone kitchen countertops. Granite countertops maintenance costs are very low, only occasionally scrub. Its smooth surface prevents the penetration of food and liquids, so regular cleaning as simple as dry hole Aung surface.

So you want to buy inexpensive granite countertops should pay attention to the following aspects:

First, the price comparison

Many companies provide free installation of stone. Therefore, to compare prices, aimed at the lowest price to buy the best quality stone. Granite sample inspection, engineering, pictures and customer feedback.

Second, according to the family-style selection of granite colors

Granite is a natural stone types, the color change is very normal. So, you try not to buy the same color sample with granite countertops.

Third, granite defect will affect the structural integrity

Granite has a natural dents and scratches, but does not affect not only its beauty, but increased its natural beauty. If you are worried granite defects and color, you can choose granite plate.

Fourth, the choice of style sink

Whichever you choose, sink, if necessary cutting, granite manufacturers will be charged an additional fee. You must provide template sink to the manufacturer, it is best to give priority to purchase the sink.

Fifth, choose the thickness

The thickness of the granite countertops are usually 2-3 cm or 3 / 4-1 inches. 3 cm granite countertops is more expensive, but more robust, more attractive. But the 2 cm granite countertops often require plywood support, to be trim.

Six, confirm edge style

If you do not like the standard style, you can ask manufacturers to design customized. When you are in a cabinet or other furniture used together, we need to be striped mesa.

Seven, if there is no gap can ask the manufacturer installed

Granite gap is common, you can choose to install seamlessly, but may be higher cost. Some workers granite sink next to the left seam, but because of the long-term penetration of water, will gradually be destroyed

Granite is a natural material, its all over the world, with hundreds of years of history, but for home decorating is something nearly four decades. Compared to other products, it may be more expensive, but it is one of the best investments. Its lasting durability will make it the most affordable choice. For the purposes of kitchen cabinets, both functional and beautiful.

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