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What are the advantages of granite

Before long there are granite, granite is a kind of volcanic eruption and lava under considerable pressure ridges in the molten state to construct the surface crust of rock, I believe that many people do not know. In the surface crust formation, moving slowly cooled down.


Often include granite rock during the syenite, granodiorite composition of granite, gneiss, gneissic granite, schist and granite between the alleged scholars. The usual granite mainly by quartz, feldspar, marble and other components. Because it contains colored mineral, feldspar affect the overall color subject. Black granite dark green or black rock composed of plagioclase, pyroxene, olivine, hornblende and other rock-forming together, so they fall into three black granite plaque coarse rocks, diabase, basalt.

Since the granite structure, symmetry, great hardness, bright color, beautiful appearance, high-quality building materials. Different varieties of local output of granite and compressive strength is not the same, because the relationship between the granite itself quality, is not easy to weathering, can be maintained more than a century, with its structure and aesthetic appearance, architectural decoration, flooring, outdoor the preferred material for carving.

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