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What are the characteristics of black granite

India in the late 1860s began to export high-grade black granite, to the late 1970s, some monumental building, the Indian black granite has been widely used, but also a sharp increase in exports of large plate. Best quality, reasonable price of black granite produced in southern India. However, some of these granite very delicate, such as Khammam black, used in some projects to take prudent precautions, even kitchen countertops will be scratched or worn.

Black granite

Generally speaking, produced in black granite Warrangal region in color purity and hardness are better, after polishing is very beautiful, it can be stored for a long time. Other localities such as large force Palma Park Tamil Nadu region and Mai Tuer, pull Emperor Pu Shi Andhra Pradesh steam map, Khammam, near Bangalore Kanak Pula produced black granite is typically mid-range or medium upscale.

And basalt different is that many of these black granite structure containing a crystal grain size of the visible. Precisely for this reason, so that their color does not seem so dark black basalt. Some buyers prefer this quality granite because of its appearance looks more natural than black basalt. It looks like black basalt are processed through artificial materials. But the choice of which is the stone buyers right. In the past 30 years, these Indian-black granite black granite than in other regions more widely used in some buildings monumental. Their own quality and durability are the best proof.

India produced some famous black granite stone, such as Black Galaxy. Black Galaxy produced in Angola India. Its background is black high purity, uniform dotted with bright crystals. Black Galaxy mineral storage is not large, so its production can not meet demand. Those golden highlights of its own because of its rich in ferrous compounds. Black Galaxy according to the size of its gold is generally divided into three types: large flower, the flower and small flower.

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