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What is India Black Galaxy granite

In this immense stone Milky Way, there are 15 years later still a shining bright light of Venus, which is India's "Black Galaxy" granite. There are other granite reputation that produced in India, such as "Silver Star", "Galaxy granite", "Black Galaxy" and so on. Over the years, people have been dumped her unique charm. So far, the total sales of up to one million cubic meters.

Black Galaxy granite

"Black Galaxy" granite black gold spot. Gold plaque formation because it contains a mineral called enstatite, enstatite is rich in iron, this granite is called 'anorthite gabbro ", the Mohs hardness (Mohs) 4.5 degrees. Because moderate hardness, excellent wear and therefore the degree of light, suitable for use in interior decorating. Depending on the size of the gold spot, "Black Sands" granite can be divided into three types:

1. Daikin spot " Black Galaxy " granite;

2. The gold spot " Black Galaxy " granite;

3. Oscar spot " Black Galaxy " granite.

" Black Galaxy " quarry in India, Andhra Pradesh · Orissa region Chimmakurthi Ongole town, from the southeastern port city of Madras, India, 350 km. By train from Madras (6 hour trip) first Ongole, then via road to reach the mining area. In a radius of 400 acres, there are 40 quarries in the area of ​​each quarry between 2-20 acres, and a high degree of mechanization. Their equipment constantly updated, the latest generation of machinery and equipment in there is visible everywhere.

Most deposits is the main headache for the serious shortage of quarry stone extraction. In almost all quarries, mines quality is very limited, so that the cost of mining granite greatly increased. However, despite many unfavorable factors, the output of the color of the granite is still relatively high, because it is the world's most expensive granite. Most deposits located under the surface. Stone in white or black stripes, almost all the quarries have this problem. In recent years, these flaws affect the price of the stone, but also makes the quarry yields.

Relatively small size of the plates and blocks are mainly exported to China. Chinese market demand for this plate is very large, resulting in nearly 95% of such plates are sold to China. Now people can always see the traders from China in the field test of this stone quarrying. Chinese people do not care whether the stone in white or black stripes, so the purchase of stone with this defect, always able to discount. A quarry owner even ingenuity, the address written in Chinese own quarry. Sands of small black blocks price at $ 650-950 / per cubic meter between. But now sold to China in the number of large-sized blocks and panels are also more and more.

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