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« Ten reasons to choose kitchen countertops graniteThree Purchase points on natural yellow stone marble and granite (Second) »

Three Purchase points on natural yellow stone marble and granite(First one)

Recently, the yellow natural stone is so popular is because yellow transparent, warm color, usually on behalf of the noble, luxurious and bright. For people today who; have solved the problem of food and clothing, people want as soon as possible into the well-off life, but to enjoy the elegance, luxury living and respect for human nature, in pursuit of light and good wishes of freedom of expression revealed here, so common in recent years people renovated considered good natural stone with yellow. So how to choose the current stone market it?

First, choose according to family economic status.

There are a lot of foreign origin marble, there are domestic. From different areas, different levels of finishing, which led to a different value, the price is also different. Stone market information indicates that, in marble from Spain, Italy, Brazil has the best color marble from these countries attractive, high-precision machining; naturally high prices, the most expensive of which reached 2,000 yuan / square meter. Currently imported stone prices far higher than the domestic and imported stone varieties are almost similar species of domestic prices three to five times.

Stone is currently good market outlets such as: Crema Marfil, new Kaman beige, ivory, beige, beige Antioch, vanilla beige, golden beige, beige, etc. that Shaan, modern wood grain, French gray, snow white and so on, at least there are dozens of species. Some of these good name by origin, some from the transliteration. In short these names are consistent with their soft appearance. For high-income families, usually selected popular beige and yellow stone in Spain, Italy, Brazil and other countries, because these countries color marble fine, high precision finishing level; of course, the domestic natural stone yellow stone market price than foreign the much lower, in general, the domestic price of yellow marble around a few hundred dollars, the most expensive but also the hundred or so.

Yellow stone natural stone on the market, like glory, distance, golden light, look at the past, these marble exhibited yellow are not the same, with clean pure yellow, yellow with a variety of patterns, there are translucent strong bright yellow, yellow each showed a different texture and color. For the average family, the choice made stone can achieve a good decorative effect. Made stone such as black and white roots, white dragon, silver dragon, cards brown Asia, America Linte gold, beige California, Fujian granite stone, bluestone, basalt, shrimp, red rust stone, gold linen, white tiger and other species also have a strong decorative , and even some of the more than similar imported products, and prices are much cheaper.


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