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What types of artificial marble

Artificial marble light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, pollution, construction convenient, rich patterns, is an ideal decorative material. Artificial marble general there are four main categories.

Artificial marble Categories

A cement material artificial marble. Such artificial marble based on cement as a binder with sand as fine aggregate, crushed marble, granite, industrial waste and other coarse aggregate, through preparation, mixing, forming, pressure steam curing, polishing, polishing system Cheng, known as terrazzo.

Second, polyester artificial marble. Such unsaturated polyester based artificial marble as a binder, and quartz sand, marble, calcite powder mixing, casting molding, solidification generated at a curing agent, by stripping, drying and polishing processes production. Unsaturated polyester shiny, light color, adjustable made in different bright colors.

Third, the composite artificial marble. Such artificial marble is an inorganic material and a composite material composed of an organic polymer, after bonding to the inorganic filler material molded body is then immersed in an organic monomer to polymerization under certain conditions. Its plate, the bottom with low and stable inorganic material, the surface layer of polyester and marble flour.

Fourth, the sintering process artificial marble. Such artificial marble is mixed feldspar, quartz, pyroxene, calcite and hematite and a small amount of kaolin, mud billet production method, using semi-dry press molding method, in the furnace to a high temperature of about 1000 degrees sintering.

The four artificial marble, polyester material is the most common and the best of its physical and chemical properties, simple pattern design, widely used, but its price is relatively high; the most expensive cement material, but poor corrosion resistance, prone to micro-cracks, suitable only for the plate; the other two artificial marble complex production process, the application is very rare.

Polyester material is artificial marble imitation marble surface texture processed, have similar mechanism marble features, and patterns determined by the designer controlled, reproducible; and light weight, high strength, thin thickness, good corrosion resistance , anti-pollution, and better workability, it can be made into an arc shape, surface, etc., to facilitate construction.

Physical and mechanical properties of high-quality artificial marble can be equal or superior to natural marble, but less than in color and texture of natural marble natural beauty and gentle. Due to the impact of raw materials by artificial marble, artificial marble effect for many outdoor project is not ideal, mainly aging fast, color changes, gloss changes, after a period of time, facing a serious deformation of the four corners upturned. Therefore, artificial marble not a large area for outdoor, but can be used for outdoor cylinder, facade decoration applied when the height exceeds 1.2m steel or stainless steel fixing.

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