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Home selection of stone, green and more advantages

Stone into the home improvement market has become the industry trend, home improvement market has always been the world of ceramic products, and in recent years, the uniqueness of the stone gradually in the home improvement market accounted for a certain share of modern decoration materials indispensable, today with everyone Understand home improvement stone.

"Thick" to see the stone's first impression is the weight and the ceramic is not a grade. Compared with tiles, tile impact resistance is weak, easy to break, loss of large, which is determined by the nature of its own material, can not be changed. In addition, the tiles are also easy to wear, usually after the laying of tiles in the wear resistance, the stone products is much better than tiles.

"Bright" brightness of the stone is definitely worth mentioning, the most intuitive luxury hotel that is transparent marble. Stone surface brightness will not disappear with the passage of time, not like ceramics for a long time will be yellowed, as long as the attention to clean, paint and look like the new.

Said so many benefits, the price of stone is not expensive than ceramics it? In actual fact, the same value, the price of stone and ceramics are not far behind. Durable, gorgeous effect of high-end construction groups to its love, stone for home decoration, art sculpture, life appliances, etc., in the use of architectural decoration such as stone line, Mentao line, Roman column, vase column, wash basin, , Fireplace, etc., not only the product both natural stone texture and solid texture, but also has a good easy processing characteristics. In the promotion of artificial stone gloss, the successful introduction of ultra-clean technology, the first breakthrough in artificial stone gloss lower than the situation of natural stone, while greatly improving the product's wear resistance and anti-fouling performance.

Decoration Stone Tips:

Family decoration stone should use those who choose the light color of the stone as a ground decoration materials, give people a warm, quiet feeling, but also the effect of expanding the floor area.

Stone decorative items into the home, more is made of various types of furniture countertops, which should take into account the pollution problems, and thus to choose the color of some deep stone, like green, blue, red series of marble, granite can be , Marble with those who have a large variety of patterns, decorative effect will be better.

After the renovation, it is best to use white car wax in the stone decorative panels coated with a thin layer of maintenance, after every two weeks to scrub.

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