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Natural stone and ceramic tiles

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's stone industry, stone has been from the original high-end building decoration materials to millions of households, as more and more users choice, and in some areas to replace the tile into the field of architectural decoration the most popular product.

Since the cut stone and tiles in the appearance of natural, price, function and so very similar, so many people would think that there is little difference between the two. In fact, both the nature of the product or decorative effect, the two are essentially different, today, we have to look at stone and ceramic tile in the architectural decoration of the comparative advantage.

First, the nature of the product

Stone more natural, after cutting, grinding only after the shape or shape changes, and the material itself has not changed. Tile is a refractory metal oxide and semi-metal oxides, by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering process, and the formation of a acid or alkali porcelain or stone material. Its raw materials and more from the clay, quartz sand and other mixed, chemical changes are generated after the artificial stone, sand, stone, mud formed by the chemical reaction after the new material.

Second, the price comparison

After the purchase of tiles can be found in the home workers paving, but the natural stone has to be processed in order to pave the ground, so many customers will think that the price of artificial stone than ceramic tile expensive. In actual fact, to a beige from Africa, natural stone, for example, after processing the price of about 700 yuan per square meter, and a similar color texture of the domestic price of tiles in 620 yuan per square meter or so, Therefore, the price difference between the two is not.

Third, practical comparison

Stone has superior durability and durability, since ancient times is the most important building and decoration materials, the world's best preserved ancient buildings are mostly stone building. Tile impact resistance is weak, easy to break: whether the production, transportation, installation or use of the process, the tiles are very easy to break, loss of large, which is determined by the nature of its own material can not be changed.

In addition, the tiles are also easy to wear, usually after the laying of the tile, the family used side seam wear about 6 months, 8-12 months, the basic surface of the tile will have different degrees of wear and tear phenomenon; Of the general in 2-3 months that will appear side seam wear, 6 months of varying degrees of wear and tear of the tile. In terms of wear resistance, stone products should be far superior to ceramic tile.

Fourth, color comparison

Natural stone because of its natural, color difference is relatively obvious, and natural stone surface texture is not rich in tiles, but the natural stone paving effect appears natural atmosphere, which is unmatched ceramic tile.

Tiles are made of late artificial processing, to a certain extent, to avoid color, but no matter how good there will be color tiles, which is unavoidable, mainly due to the raw materials and production processes.

Fifth, the shape and accuracy comparison

Stone can be shaped according to different requirements of cutting, tile because of the requirements of the specifications for the shape of the limitations of relatively large. In addition, the tiles in the production process is due to temperature changes or equipment and process limitations caused by the length of each side of the larger error (detection method: the length of the diagonal will find the length of the different).

Sixth, thermal expansion coefficient comparison:

Most of the natural stone, physical and chemical properties are very stable, thermal expansion coefficient is small, rarely because of temperature changes in product deformation and variation.

The relatively large coefficient of thermal expansion of ceramic tiles, easily lead to product deformation, especially in the winter, prone to tiles arching phenomenon.

7, security comparison:

Tile surface treatment process in the course of its use of friction is very small, so very slippery; if the tiles are more slippery after absorbing oil. Every year because the tiles slide and the elderly and children fall countless, and some even disability. Even the agile young man sometimes can not help but fall down --- tiles is too slippery.

In comparison, the stone products, although the finish is not as good as tiles, but very suitable for living, walking, will not be a security risk.

Eight, decorative feeling comparison

In the decorative effect, each pavement tiles of the units and families are all deeply appreciate the cool tiles in the winter! Therefore, rheumatoid arthritis is also a lot of people, not to mention the original suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in the old people in the cold and how long the winter suffering.

Good stone like "jade" in general, the so-called "warm jade", for a good stone products, the decoration can make people feel cool in winter and warm, full of warmth.

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