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Repair Marble Tiles


Marble tiles can often be found in homes where style and design are important factors to the homeowners. It's also possible to inherit marble tiles previously installed in a home you purchase. Either way, you may at some point need to learn to repair marble tiles that have scratches, dents or other damage. With the right repair strategies, you can salvage your marble tile and keep it looking like new.

Instructions as follows:
Firstly, sprinkle polishing powder made for marble across scratched tiles. Add a small amount of water to the polishing powder.

Secondly, attach a medium-hard felt pad to a wood block. Use the wood block and pad to polish the marble tile. This will get rid of the small surface scratches.
Thirdly, wipe up the polishing powder with a damp cloth. Once the tile is dry, spray liquid marble wax onto the tiles.

Fourthly, repair broken marble tiles by coating the edges with epoxy adhesive and fitting them together. Hold in place until the epoxy is dry, according to the drying time specified by the manufacturer.

Fifthly, fix a hole in marble tile by mixing together small amounts of polyester resin and marble dust, which you can purchase from monument dealers. The consistency should be a paste. Fill the hole with the paste and let it dry. Sand smooth.

Sixthly, fit wax paper-lined wooden pieces around a corner marble tile that is broken. Fill the resulting hole with paste. Allow it to dry completely and sand smooth with sandpaper, starting with coarse-grit and moving down to 400-grit sandpaper.

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