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Price of granite countertops


The average price of granite countertops will depend on size obviously, a big countertop will cost more than a smaller one at the same time, the greater the countertop, more likely, a few pieces of, will need to create; The number of period will usually affect the cost. Traditionally, granite spend $20 down to 150 dollars per square feet, thickness according to another factor, but there will be some impact is the shape of the cost advantage. Most consumers choose a simple circle side but few available at the same time, some more meaningful and popular color and texture may require a slightly higher price tag of the general price may or may not include installation. The above price reflects the countertop installation costs by a granite board, or a single piece, granite cheap, much lower than the approach is the use of a few small piece of granite countertop can make the person put together. Granite can moral $4 per square feet 3/8-inch ceramic tile the method is less, because there are many fragments means that there will be a lot of conflict a seamless prospects countertop is one of the reasons granite is so popular.


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