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Install Travertine French Pattern



A travertine french pattern show that travertine ceramic tile ceramic tile cut into different size, using a space this allows a unique floor and metope space.The nature of the deposition in DuoZhong method makes it use throughout the home, including internal and external set to add a stalactite ceramic tile floor and walls make the finishing point any project, and in many of the design and color.Measuring and calculating your project to determine how many of the surface of ceramic tile the things you need. Paving ceramic tile in the project area and adjustment, if necessary trace tile, take a pencil this will help to determine when you apply for ceramic tile placed mortar.Take care of your garden brick and mortar press shop in place between approximately 1/8 "leave each tile, so you will have enough room to carry. Use wet to see deposition in the ceramic tile wall and appliances appropriate need to allow tiles set and dry mortar.Applications between sand grout ceramic tile this is a necessary step, will help to the transfer of ceramic tile.The use of the travertine sealer slurry after desiccate ceramic tile packing will help protect the porous surface deposition from the stain.


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