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Pebble Garden

A pebble and stone garden wall is an attractive addition to any landscape design, whether it borders a yard, accents a vegetable or flower patch, or provides support as a retaining wall. Pebble and stone may be more expensive to purchase than brick or concrete, but their natural beauty and durability can pay off in added value to your property. Pebble and stone walls are also simple to install, requiring properly planned construction but no concrete or mortar

Instructions as follows:
Firstly, plan the positioning, length and width of the wall. Drive wooden stakes into the ground at the beginning, middle and end of the layout, and link them with string to provide a visible framework.

Secondly, measure the total length and width of the wall to calculate the amount of cubic stone and pebbles it will require.

Thirdly, visit a landscape or building supply store and provide the measurements. The amount of stone required will depend on the size and shape of the materials. Stone is sold by the ton, so ask the sales representative for assistance in purchasing the correct amount of stone and pebbles for your wall.

Fourthly, use a garden tiller to loosen the soil along the layout of the wall. This will make it easier to dig the foundation. Wear gardening gloves, as tilling and digging can be tough on hands.

Fifthly, dig a foundation trench in the ground along the length of the wall, about 1 foot deep and a few inches wider than the base of the planned wall. Use a carpenter’s level to make sure the foundation is flat.


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