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limestone series

Limestone is regularly a all natural sedimentary rock that is made getting a final result of calcite mineral deposits or accumulations of seashells with limescale carbonate. Pure limestone is regularly a reliable light color, but limestone can consist of other colours and textures when impurities which consist of clay, sand and metal are deposited as well. Limestone is frequently accustomed to create tiles and in landscaping, in which it may be accustomed to create borders and walkways. So that you just will require advantage of limestone for constructing projects, large pieces of limestone need getting split into smaller, a whole great offer more manageable pieces.To split limestone, you merely strike the wedge toward the stone , also it will break apart. you can possibly need to strike the a broad variety of instances in distinctive destinations to acquire a split, especially in bigger pieces of limestone. There are single-edge and double-edge rock hammers available. A double-edged rock hammer has the benefit of two wedges, occasionally of distinctive sizes, to create limestone splitting even easier.

Various Fireplace Styles

There are various fireplace styles for selection, especially the stone fireplace, like Simple Carved Stone Fireplace, Flower Carved Stone Fireplace, Statue Carved Stone Fireplace, Double Stone Firep

Create New Look for Traditional Tile Walls

                                                                            Create New Look for Traditional Tile Walls


Granite Countertop







                  We Newstar Stone are specialized in prefabricating & designing

                  countertops & vanity top series,registration desk,bar tops,table

                  tops & worktops,island top, tub surround window sill etc for 

                  commercial & residence projects such as hotels,hospital,condo,

                  etc for USA,Canada,Europe market.We export them with large 

                  quantity monthly,We have more 200 kinds of granite & Marble 

                  colors can be selected.


The champion of sharing business ways by internet

The champion of sharing business ways by internet
Newstar stone The competition about
how to do business
finals held in Fuzhou
and Xiamen in June 20-
21.2012.the Finals 10
competitors come from
hundreds of mass-
election .We won the
qualification to take part
in finals also ,and three
thounsands audiances,
the governments and
social media ,

chamber of commerce also pay attention to this Finals .Every company show their best ,and for
us ,this time we show our enthusiasm teams and our manager Mr Kob share more splendid Newstar
and Newstar B2B operation ways ,our perform gain the all people highly praised and
applauded .

This time ,our company everyone work hard to won the first ,being the successful winner ,it is our now
acheivements but also to be our new beginning , Newstar will do more better in the coming days.

newstar stone

newstar stonenewstar stone

newstar stonenewstar stone

Tumbled marble and mosaics

                                                                     Tumbled Marble and Mosaics


Choose good stones

Marble, granite, known as a decorative stone:

   60 cm × 60 cm, for example:


Why Granite Countertops

The reasons to choose granite countertops cabinets, mainly because it has the following several advantages:

First of all, the lines varied, unique style. As a natural stone, granite lines varied and unique style irregular, giving the feeling of natural comfort. Secondly, in much larger than marble and other types of stone from the price reasonable, generally granite used in renovation works, the proposed purchase of select materials and suppliers for their own projects, the price discrepancy of 40%. Again, the granite is also a green product, recyclable and environmentally sound, low radiation, high temperature, hard, under normal circumstances is difficult to galling, for example, the housewife will find just pan dishes. dishes directly on the granite countertop will not cause injury.


Is Natural Stone Always Better Than Artificial Stone

    Is Natural Stone Always Better Than Artificial Stone With the increasing of artificial stone , more and more homeowner has the question” is the natural always bet

The Dragon Boat Festival



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