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Is Natural Stone Always Better Than Artificial Stone



Is Natural Stone Always Better Than Artificial Stone

With the increasing of artificial stone , more and more homeowner has the question” is the natural always better than artificial stone? ” In fact, some natural stone material is not as good as artificial stone, since artificial stone has many features, like off color small, high mechanical strength, can be combined as requirement, production, and forming seamless etc, that the natural stone material can’t compare.
Artificial stone has variety types on the market currently, which basically has the following category:
Terrazzo is the earliest artificial stone that recognized by people. Polyester coagulation stone it is not saturated organic resin as bond, and sand, mountain flour as ingredients, and rely on the mould pouring shape, maintenance and become, which is suitable for the complex shape products.
The vacuum marble is actually take the non- saturated resin as bond, put the stone mining waste together with the pieces, using the vacuum suction method, reduce the porosity, then curing into large pieces artificial stone. And after cutting, polishing become the panel. The product has high strength which is extremely rich in decorative.
Artificial agate is more elaborate further processing that based on the concrete polyester, and some main material is high quality resin with limestone and pigment, which is a translucent artificial jade.
Granite and decorative pattern of big norms product is the ceramic tile can spread outfit ground, as well as being used as imitation stone wall, it is also very grand if dry hanging in the external wall of the building.
Microcrystalline glass also called crystal stone, is a new materials, which has superior performance and highly ornamental, its adornment effect is luxurious and gorgeous as the jade.
In fact, when it comes to the option of stone material, it should depend the quality of stone material itself and the requirements of the clients, but blind to define the quality of stone material.

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