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Tumbled marble and mosaics

                                                                     Tumbled Marble and Mosaics

The old-world charm of tumbled marble ands allow you to express yourself through a multitude of unique styles and add a professionally finished look, to your living space. The classic mosaic tile accent surfaces offer meticulous artistry and design applications limited only by your imagination. The myriad of colors, the patterns, and the materials can be combined to build a true work of art that will accent homes, whether traditional or modern. If you’re a lover of finely crafted detail, tumbleds and mosaics, finished by detailed framing of natural stone trim moldings can add artistry to any and every surface in your home.
Emperador Dark is quarried from a bedrock quarry near Novelda, Spain. In this particular, it will be normal to see white crystals and veins that are concentrations of white and clear calcite. It is a common characteristic for this stone to have voids in the raw material. Before it reaches the polishing stages,

these voids are filled with a polyester resin. Depending on how deep the void is, the resin may shrink as it dries, leaving the surface of the filled area slightly lower than the rest. This does not affect the durability, maintenance or beauty of the stone. As a natural stone product, it is recommended that this be sealed to extend its longevity. Due to the nature of the tumbled finish, a stone-enhancing sealer will help to accentuate the natural colors in the stone that may be subdued after going through the tumbling process.Another special stone is the earth stackstone mosaics, which is mesh-mounted and available in a variety of stone types as well as color tones, such as the gold gate stackstone, golden green stackstone and so on. So it makes them a versatile accent in any decor.



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