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The champion of sharing business ways by internet

The champion of sharing business ways by internet
Newstar stone The competition about
how to do business
finals held in Fuzhou
and Xiamen in June 20-
21.2012.the Finals 10
competitors come from
hundreds of mass-
election .We won the
qualification to take part
in finals also ,and three
thounsands audiances,
the governments and
social media ,

chamber of commerce also pay attention to this Finals .Every company show their best ,and for
us ,this time we show our enthusiasm teams and our manager Mr Kob share more splendid Newstar
and Newstar B2B operation ways ,our perform gain the all people highly praised and
applauded .

This time ,our company everyone work hard to won the first ,being the successful winner ,it is our now
acheivements but also to be our new beginning , Newstar will do more better in the coming days.

newstar stone

newstar stonenewstar stone

newstar stonenewstar stone

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