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Why Granite Countertops

The reasons to choose granite countertops cabinets, mainly because it has the following several advantages:

First of all, the lines varied, unique style. As a natural stone, granite lines varied and unique style irregular, giving the feeling of natural comfort. Secondly, in much larger than marble and other types of stone from the price reasonable, generally granite used in renovation works, the proposed purchase of select materials and suppliers for their own projects, the price discrepancy of 40%. Again, the granite is also a green product, recyclable and environmentally sound, low radiation, high temperature, hard, under normal circumstances is difficult to galling, for example, the housewife will find just pan dishes. dishes directly on the granite countertop will not cause injury.

Finally, granite countertops cabinets to pay attention to basic maintenance. Granite countertops in the case of unprotected encounter acidic or oily stuff it is easy to dirty, you must immediately use soft soap and water clean, or is likely to leave an imprint washed away. Recommend that users often re-seal the stone, the use of appropriate cleaning agent, if well maintained, granite countertops, the service life will be more than the market can use the table over 50 years.

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