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Artificial Stone

Nowadays, the most 2 decreasing decorative materials are stone material and ceramic on the market, both of which occupies a very important market share. There was some data indicated that the market share ratio ceramic and is 4:1, the ceramic accounts for the absolute advantage. However, the ceramic decorative materials market is shrinking year by year, and the status of the stone increases year by year, in which culture stone grew at 50% a year.

Compare with the stone material, the main advantage of ceramic is in thinner thickness, the price is lower, which can imitate the beauty of the design and color of natural stone material, the aberration and flaws are rare. But if the stone material can break through the defects of thick, done the same thickness as ceramics, that’s thin and ultra-thin stone, the stone of the use and development will be more on a floor.

Stone materials include marble , culture stone, etc. And culture stone includes natural culture stone and artificial culture stone. And marble slab is larger of the price in rising space. Culture stone is on the customers' demand for exterior decoration soar.

Natural stone material has the property of non-renewable resources, therefore, as demand growth and the growing shortage of resources, natural stones have greater appreciation of space, but the natural culture stone can't meet the rules of the needs of customers, artificial culture stone gradually replace the natural culture stone trends.

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