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How to Polish Marble to a High Shine

Builders use marble in many parts of some homes from the floors to the bathroom sinks. Marble is a common material for tabletops as well. Over time, marble begins to look dull, but rubbing the natural stone with mild abrasives helps to restore the original shine of your marble.

Instructions as follows:                                                  

Firstly, make a mixture of 3 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 quart of water in a spray bottle.

Secondly, spray some of the baking-soda mixture onto your marble surface. Wipe with a chamois cloth. Leave the surface of the marble a little damp and allow it to air dry.

Thirdly, crush up a stick of chalk into a small bowl.

Fourthly, dampen a clean chamois cloth with water. Dip the damp chamois into the chalk and rub it all over the surface of the marble.

Fifthly, rinse off the marble with a fresh damp chamois. Dry the marble surface thoroughly with another chamois to reveal a high shine.

Sixthly, load your hand sander with the 600-grit sandpaper. Go over the entire surface of the marble.

Seventhly, wipe off the marble with a damp chamois to remove any dust.

Eighthly, put the next highest grit sandpaper on the sander and sand again.

Ninthly, keep sanding with the next highest grit, wiping the marble countertop after each time until the surface of the marble appears shiny.

Tenthly, buff the marble with a chamois cloth to enhance the shine of the stone.

Tips & Warnings

Keep your polished marble floors shiny by using only neutral cleaners (no abrasives) and by dust mopping every day to remove fragments of dirt that might scratch the surface of the marble.

When sanding the surface of your marble, you will notice scratches. Sanding with higher grit sandpaper each time removes the scratches until the scratches are so minute you can no longer see them, which is what gives your marble its high shine.

Allow the sander to do the work instead of you pushing on the sander, which could cause dips in your marble surface


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