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How to Avoid the Yellow Rust Problem of Stone

Although stone hanging is only a small part in the processing of stone curtain wall, it plays a quite important role, it can also be said that it is one of the most critical parts in the quality and safety problems of the stone material curtain wall accessories. But in the processing of wet strengthening method and dry installation method, the iron parts rust and spread to form rust yellow stone material surface. Factors causing rust is yellow, because stone material itself contains of ore minerals unstable or outside rust due to water infiltration to cause rust yellow stone material surface. Therefore, cutting the moisture content of stone can avoid the happening of yellow rust, there are four prevention measures as follows:

1, Before installation, doing the protection, to prevent the moisture intrude the stone slab, in order to avoid the oxygen doing the oxidation reaction of ore minerals and moisture and in the air caused by rust.

2, In the processing of cleaning for the stone material, avoid to use the cleanser which containing acid, as acid dissolves readily stone contain iron content, further reaction with moisture, oxygen in the air and cause the yellow rust.

3, When you using the dry installation method, it should be careful to choose the stainless steel pendant, and to avoid hang because of rust and spread to form rust yellow stone material surface.

4, In the processing of decorating on the surface of stone material again, avoid the use of easy pollution of stone material and accessories, such as no anti-rust treatment of lamps and lanterns, outlet wind deflector, fixed pieces, etc. And abrasion of stone cutting saw, after decorating should be protective agent coating again, to avoid rust yellow spread to the surface, the formation of pollution.

Outdoor stones can be used for different types of outdoor projects and landscaping projects. These projects include walkways, pathways, driveways, patios, decoration, borders, waterfalls and creek beds.


Flagstone is a very commonly used type of outdoor stone. Flagstone is a heavy, flat stone that comes in colors such as off-white, light pink, pastel, blue, rustic and grey. The main uses for flagstone are walkways, paths and patios.

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone or pebble stone is a small type of stone that can be used as a filler stone for walkways, pathways, garden beds and creek beds, and as a base for other landscaping projects that require crushed stone. Crushed stone is very small and comes in different sizes.


Sandstone or Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone or sandstone pavers come in many different colors. The sandstones are mostly square shaped. Sandstones are great for walkways, pathways, driveways and patios. Sandstones can also be used for the edging around a landscaping project. The flatness of the sandstone and the multiple colors allows for many different uses of the stone.

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