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Nature Stone

Nature Stone is a proprietary stone and epoxy glue mix applied to concrete floors by professionals. The look is similar to a fine crushed stone floor covering. The flooring system offers several advantages, including its ability to cover rough concrete surfaces and provide a smooth floor. Nature Stone is also seamless and provides a no-slip surface.

Stone Slabs

Stone slab is a thick, broad piece of stone which can be further used to create a large variety of artifacts and things of use in kitchen, living rooms and garden. In factory the stone slabs are the result of the transformation of raw materials exposed to extremely high temperatures, extremely high pressure and an exclusive process for surface randomness control


Newstar 114th Canton Fair

On Oct.15th-19th 2013, Newstar Int's Sale & Service team participated in the 114th China Import and Export Fair at Pazhou


Cut Granite Tile

Home improvements are on the rise. Granite has become a popular choice for floors, countertops and bathrooms. It can be a wonderful component to work with, providing you do the job right. Cutting the tiles correctly is the best way to achieve a professional finish.

Tumbled Stone


Tumbling is a process of smoothing and polishing a hard substance like stone. For tumbling of stones a rubber barrel is loaded with consignment of rocks, abrasive grit and a lubricant. Silicon carbide grit is commonly used and water is the universal lubricant. The barrel is then placed on slowly rotating rails and the stones are gradually smoothed and polished. These smoothed and polished stones are called tumbled stones.


Edge a Granite Tile Countertop

Granite tile s are edged the same way as ceramics. A field tile is cut to the width of the countertop 's edge, then capped off by an overhanging bullnose granite tile on top. A tile with a bullnose has one of the four edges rounded over, giving it a smooth, finished look. You can't buy bullnose tiles; they are milled specifically for each granite tile installation. Certain companies specialize in grinding and polishing granite tile bullnose edges.



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