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Tumbled Stone


Tumbling is a process of smoothing and polishing a hard substance like stone. For tumbling of stones a rubber barrel is loaded with consignment of rocks, abrasive grit and a lubricant. Silicon carbide grit is commonly used and water is the universal lubricant. The barrel is then placed on slowly rotating rails and the stones are gradually smoothed and polished. These smoothed and polished stones are called tumbled stones.

Tumbled stones possess a rustic and time worn look. They bring in the beauty of the outdoor inside with their rustic look. Intricate patterns of these stones adds extra touch of beauty, uniqueness and elegance to any interior. They are also used for exterior applications. A rich saga of colors, sizes and shapes are available to suit any individual's taste.

Characteristics of Tumbled Stones
Tumbled stones are durable and make beautiful and elegant non slip floors. These characteristics make them one of the widely used architectural stones.

Finishes of Tumbled Stones
• Natural Tumbled: Lightly tumbled to give rounded edges giving an effect of an aged stone.
• Honed Tumbled: It gives a smooth, matte look. It creates an atmosphere of cozy comfort.
• Polished Tumbled: High gloss surface that gives a mirror like reflection.
• Antique Tumbled: Tumbled to achieve a slight rustic look.
Types of Tumbled Stone
• Tumbled Marble: Marble that is tumbled has softer looking edges, sometimes almost rounded giving the effect of aged stone. They are used for flooring and walls.
• Tumbled Limestone: It is a very beautiful, decorative and practical alternative for backsplashes, tabletops, countertops and small floors. It is practical because the surface is already dull, porous and rustic by nature, so cannot be easily damaged in the ways polished versions can.
• Tumbled Slate: It is very durable and water repellent as well as acid, frost, stain and fire resistant. It is used for flooring, walls and in fireplaces. It is an extremely practical finishing material.

Applications of Tumbled Stones
• Perfect for use as ground cover
• As a tool for massage to stimulate the meridians of the body and free the mind
• Ideal for decorative applications around ponds and landscaping areas
• As accent pieces in gardens, kitchen backsplashes, pathways and entryways
• Make beautiful floors and walls
• Shower and tub surrounds
• Fireplaces
• Vanities
• Borders in bathrooms
• Custom tiles

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