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Cut Granite Tile

Home improvements are on the rise. Granite has become a popular choice for floors, countertops and bathrooms. It can be a wonderful component to work with, providing you do the job right. Cutting the tiles correctly is the best way to achieve a professional finish.
Instructions as follows:
Firstly, remember safety first! Put on your goggles and other protective gear before you begin any project involving a power tool.
Secondly, measure twice, cut once. This age-old renovation rule is especially important now. Measure your tiles and mark the backs of them. Remember to plan out your measurements for the cohesiveness of the project.
Thirdly, begin cutting your tiles. Move slowly, as hasty movements can cause the tiles to crack or fracture. Cut as smoothly and as straight as possible. Granite is a natural stone that has mineral deposits and a grain, and cutting natural stone even under the best circumstances can be tricky. Don't worry if your stone cracks in the wrong place, as this is common and unavoidable. Taking your time is the best way to avoid careless mistakes that could cause cracking.
Fourthly, take care when handling tiles after they are cut because they can have sharp edges. Use thick leather work gloves to protect your hands, if available, or just take your time when you handle the granite tiles. Rushing is not worth risking an injury. Arrange the tiles in a method that makes the best sense to you, or cut as you go, putting tiles in place immediately after they are cut.

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