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Nature Stone

Nature Stone is a proprietary stone and epoxy glue mix applied to concrete floors by professionals. The look is similar to a fine crushed stone floor covering. The flooring system offers several advantages, including its ability to cover rough concrete surfaces and provide a smooth floor. Nature Stone is also seamless and provides a no-slip surface.
Instructions as follows:
Firstly, remove any tiles or carpet from the concrete floor. Also, remove adhesives associated with the carpet or tile along with any paint on the floor. Clean the bare concrete floor with detergents and degreasers to remove all surface materials. According to the Nature Stone website, surface preparation is vital to the success of the project.
Secondly, patch any cracks or breaks in the concrete with epoxy resins. The resins fill the cracks providing a better surface for the Nature Stone floor covering.
Thirdly, mix the stone chips and the proprietary epoxy resin in a mixer. This wet mix is then spread on the floor and troweled smooth. Applicators work to produce a smooth and uniform floor cover. The entire floor should be finished in one batch.
Fourthly, apply a top coat, another epoxy sealer, within 48 hours of the initial Nature Stone installation. The floor is safe to walk on about 24 hours after the top coat installation and can be driven on, in garage installations, after three days.
Tips & Warnings
Nature Stone flooring is not normally installed by do-it-yourselfers. The product is available only through floor covering professionals who offer installation. Homeowners may be able to save some installation cost by doing part of the surface preparation, tasks such as removing tile or carpet and adhesives, themselves.
According to its website, Nature Stone lasts for a lifetime. The floor should still be cleaned and a “Re-glazing” process is recommended if the floor loses its luster or shine.

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