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Three new perspectives for the practice of stone conservation

    With the development of the practice of stone conservation works, conservation technology is greatly enriched. Conservation theories are endless. The various theories are built on the analysis of various problems and phenomena in practice for the conservation and answers on the rationality and applicability, but also its one-sidedness and constraints. Some new problems in the recent stone conservation practice, the formation of some new ideas, as summarized below.

One, not all natural stone need protection

If only waterproof and alkali, in the construction of ten hanging high hardness, high-density stone can not do protection. This also applies to some of the coarse-grained granite. The magmatic rocks of the crude flower by slow cooling in igneous rocks, chunks of quartz is very large, this low, dense quartz surface water and other contaminants to penetrate into the. The theory has been confirmed and recognition of the American Society of International Stone conservation expert Maurizio. What kinds of play materials need protection which the stone does not require testing methods is dripping under the polished surface of marble or granite polishing the surface of drops of vinegar, 5min after the dry residue of anhydrous spot or vinegar spots, the varieties of marble or granite from time to do protection.
Produced in Fujian Hua Anyu marble is basically this.

Two stone protection to garden materials system should be due to the materials of construction

In engineering practice will find repellant of some varieties of stone protection ineffective. Rule out the improper construction and production failure, most likely because there is no correct stone chemicals for protection. Such as granite and marble because of its mineral composition and chemical composition of the formula with care agent is not the same. Even if the same general category of stone, also because the density and chemical composition to increase or decrease the concentration of the silicone resin. Such as sandstone repellant silicone resin concentration higher hardness and higher density of granite or marble repellant silicone resin concentration will be lower. Construction of stone conservation must be due to material system should to be due to wood construction. Selection of different chemicals and different construction techniques for different stone. This also reinforces the need to establish the database of stone conservation. Like more than enough compilation of a dictionary or encyclopedia of stone conservation.
Prior to the maintenance and construction through inspection choosing the right chemicals and construction methods, according to side fill a prescription, not only the significant effect can also be an annual output of cost savings.

, Not blindly believe that the imported stone care products, domestic care products do not prejudice

Care products of foreign brands is generally considered to be a symbol of high quality. But the high prices affect the promotion of foreign brands.
Domestic brands conservation products are not generally good, but because of its inexpensive idea is to occupy a certain market share.

In fact, these biases from the lack of understanding of the knowledge of stone conservation. All Protectant regardless of import and domestic are constituted by the active ingredient and diluent and additives. This point the door and made no difference. Domestic stone protector product development and application development quickly in recent years in the organic silicon monomer manufacturing synthetic resin field close to the international advanced water almost. And abroad in the compounding process fairly. Is a world leader in construction applications abroad.

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