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Part of Japanese tombstone

The name of the Japanese-style tombstones ministries: stones, base stations, epitaphs for the material name, the basis of cut stone, the Stone, deposited plate stone, Yu Yuan, column, hand water bowl Ueki, Sheetrock and deposited sand and tomb of lights, card affinity column, tomb of the in various types of towers, and other accessories.
1. The stones: regular from above the rod of the lettering stone (Zhao stone) called on stage, respectively up to step down, the width of the stone by rod specifications to calculate, 7 inches (about 21 cm) is 7 type specification, increases the stem width a stone, increase the size of the said.
2. The base station is: plays the role of base stones, give a person a kind of stability and feeling, have three pieces of stone with a set of basic, plus the base station is forming a group of four stone, more firm spectacular.
3. Epitaph: (spirit standard) also called ring name tablet, record the origin of this one, the dead man's ShiBiao, to name engraved quit, local name, age,
The date of death and so on.
4. For things: placed offering and take some offering below platform for cleaning the appliance of a place.
5. Basic cut stone: also called roll stone, stone border, as the tombstone, is fundamental to the pure land unclean with boundaries, such as repaired the foundation stone, give this set come down, so be careful consideration to the construction.
6. Worship stone: refers to put in front of the tombstone flat stone, in the aggregate and worship hands.
7. Apply SLATE: also called flyrocks, are used to do down the stone.
8. Jade walls: the graveyard screen, general specification wide 3, high 8, have regular and circular arc, a degree of the portion of the tang dynasty, also have engraved designs, looks very beautiful.
9. Column: the general specification is four inches Angle, 1 feet high, and its processing method combined with jade walls.
10 hand water bowl: water bowl for tombstones look natural, as a decoration.
11 Ueki: the tree planted in the tomb.
12. Extension of Stone: General Specification for 4-inch, 5 inches wide, you can use an ordinary mill with the Yu Yuan.
13 deposited sand: covered with sand to maintain the cleaning of the tomb to prevent weeds. In fact the choice of white, black Small bits of gravel.
14 tomb of lights: round (the dragon) and the angle of light, usually the height of 3 inches -3.5 inches, the lamp can be said to be the thing of evil magic.
15 card affinity column: grave after visiting the site, can the card in here.
16 various types of towers in the tomb: the pagoda tower seamlessly treasure baskets Tower, now five towers up to five on the tower symbolizes the Five Dynasties and thinking of the empty, wind, fire, water, soil, and legends of ancient India, the universe was constructed . Cordial shape, as only a symbol of the profits and popularity, the main job of the ancestors to support the tomb.
17. Other accessories: censer, flowers made, tower shiva stand, hid, etc.

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