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Swimming Pool Tiles

Due to the wide array of style and color choices, you can create almost any look desired with pool tiles. Located at the waterline, pool tiles are a decorative barrier on the pool wall that is partially submerged and withstands environmental elements. Repeating patterns, small square tiles, decorative borders, and customs are some of the many opportunities with pool tiles.

The most popular two materials of swimming pool tiles are Mosaic glass tiles & square stone tiles. Square stone tiles for the pools waterline would raise SPA and has a natural appearance. While small glass pool tiles would make your pool vanishing edge pool stand out from its surrounding if you use the light color tiles.

When selecting tiles for your pool they must be acid resistant and frost proof. If they are not acid resistant, the chemicals which are used to keep your pool water clean could damage the surface of the tiles. If they are not frost proof the tiles will likely crack in the winter.

Glass, stone or porcelain tiles can be a crucial part of your pool design. Simple geometric patterns lend themselves well to creating Grecian or Roman style baths. Tiles are commonly incorporated on pool steps as a safety feature to make changes in depth more noticeable. You can also create stunning mosaic backdrops for water features that pour into the pool. Specialty tiles such as depth markers or hand holds are also available.


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