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Difference between jade and gem

What is the difference between jade gem

Jade stones are a natural thing, then how to distinguish between the jade gem concept

Rock's most beautiful and precious gems are. They are brightly colored, crystal texture and brilliant luster, hard and durable, same time occurrence scarce, can make jewelry and other uses of natural mineral crystals, such as diamonds, crystal, emerald, ruby, sapphire and chrysoberyl (alexandrite, cat's eye) etc.; minority is a natural the single mineral aggregates, such as agate, opal. There are a few organic materials, such as amber, pearl, coral, Meijing and ivory, including generalized gems within.

Jade soft and hard, jade usually say more than nephrite, the jadeite and one popular name - Jade. The nephrite narrow sense refers only to and nephrite, a broad sense, including more than ten kinds of Xiuyan, Nanyang jade, Jiuquan jade nephrite. The nephrite history as long as Xiuyan. Jadeite only refers to jade.

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