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European-style decorative stone application

Elegant European style brings a rich visual feast. A reference to the European style, a lot of people will think, decorated in marble the complex ceiling, complicated wall decoration need all the complex processing.

In fact, the choice of European furniture, decoration does not mean "big trouble." The simple stone lines and wallpaper with European furniture, you can create a pure European style of decoration. The use of marble to make the room more overall sense, in order to weaken the stone cold, with a large area of soft packages and printed wallpaper, the overall feel more serene and gentle.

If the room is a fine decoration, the owners simply fine-tuning in the living room is a wall colors and furniture can take the wallpaper. Pattern marble backdrop to create a wonderfully rich spatial experience of harmony with other decorative elements, creating a remarkable taste and leisure experience. Stone lines or strips of wood to make the shape of circles, arcs, or use wallpaper to create a feeling of coordination, or even the lines do not have to do only posted in the ceiling of a with furniture similar color wood can also create a European-style . 

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