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Building stone houses

When stone ' target='_blank'>building houses, consumers hope a warm and comfortable decoration.Then we must pay attention to the renovation mix of stone colors, as well as quality control. Color with no color, feel natural, like the many colors of natural stone, so when you select the stone color is also very important. General Red symbolizes warmth, enthusiasm, decorated with red granite hall, giving a festive feel to home. White, gray and white clean and bright, fit for a bathroom and kitchen .Dark gray and black give a sense of solemn.Several different colors 
are easier to define primary and secondary.Limitations of the lighting, ground renovation should not choose a darker stone.In addition to the, bright color, pattern and beautiful stone, such as 'spend green', 'gray' and so on. Kitchens should be of light-based. Round tables, lamps, tables and chairs, and other stones, due to frequent contact with everyday life, we must take into account anti-pollution, such as tea, ink, fruit juice, wine and other pollution.Stone curtain wall method, the advantage is obvious, but the cost is high. How to ensure quality, safety at the same time, reduce costs, improve construction technology, enhance economic efficiency, is the subject of decorative stone, we must first solve the Material quality control materials of the stone decoration works is the key to ensuring the quality of the project.

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