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Newstar Sales -- Annie You

Annie You

Sales Specialist -- International Sales Department

Major: Business Negotiation

Experience: Almost 3 years for international trading business, and more than 15 customers reception for factory visiting and business negotiation


Newstar Sales -- Solo Chen

It’s my pleasure to offer the suggestion or solve the problems for the clients with my professional knowledge. It’s my ourduty to pay back client’s trust with the good quality products and great service.It make feel a great sense of accomplishment when we get good reputation from the clients.


Passion Hot Summer--Newstar Badminton Competition

In order to promote the spirit of unity and cooperation among employees, Newstar held the friendly competition of badminton on Jun 22th,2017. The event aims to enrich the employees' spare time activities, enhance their body and promote the communication between departments and employees. Under the lead ot administration department, many staffss take an active part in this competition. The company's employees have been actively involved in the activities, a total of more than 30 people participated in the competition. The enthusiasm of the staffss was unprecedented high, the leadership also attaches great importance. In order to achieve good results in the game, many staffs also use morning and evening and spare time to practice.


Newstar sales -- Amy Chen

Amy chen

Position: Sales at Newstar stone

Education: Liming University

Experience: 3+ years in the kitchen & bath countertop, marble, granite, quartz, and wooden base.


Tell about Newstar manager Mr. Kob


Kob Wang issales director at Newstarstonewith 15 years rich experiences stone field .he is very professional ,careful,patience,strict people.obtainAlibaba Top 10 Global E-Business in the year of 2012.


Analysis of the versatile and technical requirements of granite

(A) use

In stone, the strength, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance of granite is obviously higher than that of marble, so its application is more extensive. In addition, the granite color is generally more uniform, suitable for large-scale decorative buildings.


Choose granite floor tiles need to consider its advantages and disadvantages

Granite is considered a symbol of wealth, taste and beauty, but it is not very expensive. It is widely used, can be used for walls, countertops, flooring, etc., it is inherently durable and versatile. However, despite its good character, some people are still skeptical about the use of granite in the bathroom. Why use or why not use them? The following are some of the main considerations.


How to identify the inferior man made stone?

With the continuous expansion of the artificial stone market, as well as the relevant national quality standards have not yet introduced, and now artificial stone products in the national brand gradually increased, fake and shoddy is also endless. One is fake well-known brands, some manufacturers joint use of consumer products do not understand, for the well-known brands on the market, through counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting, to impersonate the real goods. The use of manufacturers on the market management lax, to the warranty card is not to the customer or do not paste security, gold medals and other means to achieve the purpose of deception; one is the direct use of consumer unfavorable psychological, local and foreign some illegal manufacturers landed, In the case of product quality is not the case, the industrial resin instead of methyl methacrylate, with calcium carbonate instead of aluminum hydroxide, at very low prices impact on the market. Now on the market retail more than 300 yuan per meter of artificial stone mostly so, these products without any quality and after-sales guarantee, easy to break, deformation, fade, and even toxic.


How thick for granite countertop is available?

Presumably everyone in life saw a lot of different types of cupboard countertops, but what kind of the most so that everyone like it, do not know whether you have used granite countertops, then Xiaobian gave us about how the corolla table and granite How thick is the table?


The classification of Parquet


1. According to the geometric shape of the parquet: rectangular, square parquet; round parquet, oval parquet; fan parquet; is a polygonal parquet.



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