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Marble Countertop and Vanity Top

Whether you are in the care of your kitchen, laundry room or other room in your home any existing table, whether you are a first time installation of countertops, marble is the most durable and most beautiful materials can be used for surface mounting. Marble tile countertop will help your home into your own private art films.Lay several marble tiles in a row. Measuring the length of the tile distance, and then check your table's length and width. Our idea is to start all tiles on the outer edges and corners leaving any cuts. By checking this measurement, you can see what kind of cutting the size.Even spread a thin layer on the surface of the table, use your trowel notch. Only three or four blocks spread enough, until you feel confident to spread a larger area.Applications across the entire back surface of the marble tiles of a thin layer of thin, flat with the side of your trowel.Placed in its desired location on the surface of the marble tile countertop. Application of gentle but firm pressure, you are pressed into a thin set of tiles in each direction, a little before moving to their final location, to ensure that the adhesive bond.

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