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pebble interior design


Pebble  Interior Design
Pebbles are smallers used in decorating the fountains and pathways in the garden. Being used at a large scale these pebbles are the best choice for various interior-designing purposes. Due to their fireproof nature and low maintenance cost these pebble stones are very much used today. Pebble stones could be easily found in the application like fountains, landscaping and many more. Extremely versatile natural pebble stone have different varieties in color. These stones are used for flooring, baths and showers, counter tops and backslash, patios and pool decks, pools and spas, interior and exterior walls much more to mention. It brings the textures and colors that only natural stone can, these pebble stones are beautifully chiseled artifacts in their 
styles, design and finishing.
For those of you who love trendy and sophisticated living ideas, here is a beautiful idea that really caught my attention today. You could look at the above images first, at this project which named Arketipo, they want to create a naturalistic interior design, by using nature-inspired materials. Now what I like the most at this project is how a few pebbles can make from a banal space a very interesting one. While I was looking at these pictures a few new interior design ideas related to pebbles popped into my head, and I hope I’m not the only one who got new ideas from this post.
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