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Stone saw blade and matrix classification


Stone processing and ultimately saw blade, saw blade from the ore body cut blocks of stone down (also useful for wire saws) then saw blade to cut blocks of stone plates. Finally saw blade cut into the sheet metal of stone plates in a variety of sizes. Therefore, the blade is good or bad relationship quality and processing efficiency.
Production saw the matrix material mainly 50Mn2V, 75Crl, and 65Mn three materials (some of the low-end market, there are 45 # steel, 45 # steel is a plain carbon steel). 65Mn ordinary spring steel, 75Crl high carbon alloy, 50Mn2V is a medium carbon alloy steel, 50Mn2V fine grain, high thermal stability, high strength and toughness, fatigue resistance and heat resistance. Blade matrix, of 50Mn2V materials with a number of complex welding, long service life, welded head after the saw blade is not easy deformation, easy to repair after deformation during use there so rigid gradually becomes high effect thus 50Mn2V of The material is widely used in the processing and production of diamond saw blade matrix.
Classified according to specifications, the domestic stone processing blade matrix specifications from ф200mm start up ф3500mm (the largest foreign specifications of circular saw blades towel 5000mm). , Dp200-600ram specifications for semi-finished sheet cut (cutting edge) processing; ф650 above specifications are mainly used the similar tombstone tomb column on thicker slate (column) Forming Sawing, as well as for the blocks saw cut into (board) material processing. Currently especially ф1600mm for the most widely used blade matrix. Stone Machinery
ф200 ~ 600mm Specifications saw the matrix, due to the low technological content, technical and quality requirements of the product is not high, only requires cutting edge products on the market tends to homogeneity. Nearly 100 domestic ф200 ~ 600mm Specification saw matrix manufacturers, market competition as the main means of price competition, the industry is highly competitive, and profit margins are low, the domestic strength enterprise does not intend to participate in this low-end market competition.
ф650mm above specifications matrix relative to ф200-600mm specifications, productprocessing difficult industry to enter the initial capital, the higher threshold. Users of the product's quality and performance requirements are also higher. Few domestic manufacturers is less than 10, showed a certain degree of difference, as the main means of market competition to non-price competition, the pros and cons of the quality of the product itself, the stability of the performance, the length of life and service is good or bad play a key role in the market competition. Diamond saw blade matrix in Fujian, Guangdong and other southern regions, generally used in groups as ф940mm фl600mm each of 10 combinations ф680mm фll40mm, and фl600mm each of the five used in combination and so on. The combination blade matrix used for the group cutting granite and marble plates, greatly improving the cutting efficiency and plates accuracy, reducing power consumption more than 15% of the same time saw the matrix itself higher quality and performance requirements.
Now, with the expansion of low-carbon concept, the state environmental protection growing emphasis mine blocks scarcity of resources, power resources supply is tight stone enterprises rising manufacturing costs, increased competition, a number of energy-saving, resource-based, environmentally friendly saw The chip substrate increasingly welcomed by the market, customers saw matrix varieties demand some new features:
Flakes, ultra-thin films saw matrix
Sheet, ultra-thin films saw blade base body, mainly in the thickness of the substrate to distinguish For ф1600mm base body, the normal thickness of 7.3mm, the thickness of 6.5mm the following referred to as the base body of the sheet, the thickness of 5.5mm or less called ultrathin The sheet substrate. Using thin slices, thin piece blade matrix cutting granite and marble slabs, can significantly improve the cutting the efficiency and Huangliao finished product rate, reduce power consumption, such as the use of a thickness of 4.0mm ф1600mm ultra-thin substrate, can improve the cutting efficiency of 10% or more and reduce power consumption by more than 20%, improve the blocks more than 16% utilization.
Flakes, ultra-thin films of diamond saw blade matrix thin, large diameter, heat treatment of large deformation, and thus the heat treatment process control is very important for flatness and HRC. Meanwhile, since the thickness is thin, and to the end jump, the adjustment of the stress, comprising detecting cause great difficulties, under normal circumstances, artificial correction calm detection alone is difficult to achieve good results. Domestic Black Whirlwind Four in advanced equipment imported from Germany, sets RCC adjustment stress detection end jump and flatness as one of the dedicated to the ultra-thin circular saw blade matrix production, the better solution products stress distribution problems and product flatness, side jump, rigidity and other indicators.
Frame saw blade matrix
The diamond frame saws also known as diamond saw, the 1950s began to develop a new framework Saw. More developed countries currently in the process of stone diamond frame saw frame in the processing of marble has largely replaced the sand saw its advantages are: cutting speed, high production efficiency; processing quality smooth sawing plate, eliminating the need for a rough grinding process; labor-saving and steel, and improve the working environment and easy to manage.
Diamond frame saw in our marble sawing promote the application, especially the rapid development of Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai and other places. It is understood that, saw total capacity has reached more than 700 units. Domestic large amounts of data to prove that the diamond frame saw some technical and economic indicators have been part better than sand saw. With the domestic head and saw blade matrix technology progress, the diamond frame saws can partially replace sand saws.
Diamond saw blade diamond frame saws cutting mechanism by reciprocating linear motion of the frame, the head blocks chipping, cutting, swipe, furrows and crushing, grinding to a sawing blocks. As a short trip, the line speed is low, a small amount of water, the BTA is difficult, high demand Saw, heads and matrix. The present circumstances, the cutting the granite framework saw blade matrix still rely mainly on imports, domestic Black Whirlwind has started the development, production, and the establishment of a high level of specialized production line, steel selection with international standards, key indicators most up to the standards of the advanced countries of Germany, France, Belgium, the products will gradually replace imported and export volume.
3. Diameter of 2600mm or more very large blade matrix
At present, the domestic ubiquitous drill blasting this backward approach to mining stone blocks, not only low productivity and job insecurity, especially due to detonation caused by rock mass rupture severely damaged stone resources produced blocks size do not behave, even cracks scrapped, the finished product rate is very low. Drilling blasting method of mining blocks It is estimated that only 5% to 25% of the amount of mining can be processed timber. Some stone industrial countries have banned the use of blasting mining stone, the international industry believe that the the stone mine production is low and resources are wasted, and the main reason is the lack of a large number of diamond saw blade matrix and related mechanized equipment industrialization backward technology, mining, production mismanagement.
In recent years, took the lead in research and development, a large sheet-type mines emptied saw matrix. Some mining companies, the use of oversized piece of ф2600mm more specifications for the exploitation of the mine, the mine resource utilization rate of 90%. According to research, the use of domestic mining of very large blade matrix stone blocks, has been more and more attention and promotion, mine Saw station number quickly grew to about 800.
In addition, the increasing market demand on the stone board, mainly dependent on the the framework saw blade processing stone plate, but diamond the framework saw blade for cutting marble and other soft stone, granite and craft of stone cutting still circular saw blades to complete. Stone processing enterprises in order to meet the requirements of the domestic and foreign markets, the use of very large matrix of circular saw blades for cutting large plate, will be a peak in recent years.
4 hollowed blade matrix
Hollowed saw blade base body relative to a conventional saw blade base body, multi-processing only at the base body of the several rows of holes, the shape of the hole is mainly drop-type. From the current use of фl600mm hollowed circular saw blades, stone on the Mohs hardness below 7 degrees, the sawing process without any changes, hollowed-type blade matrix relative to conventional chip substrate outstanding performance following several advantages : (1) easy water, and significantly improve the cooling effect; (2) to increase the chip removal; (3) reduce the weight of the matrix and saw running load current down 5A; (4) reduces operating noise ; (5) due to the reduction of the weight of the matrix, the small combination Saw Diamond Saw load more possible; (6) prolong the life of the matrix, increasing cutting square, welding distortion is small; (7) using a batch, the tension Good recovery properties. Use data from a large number of processing stone using hollowed-type blade matrix, not only greatly reduce the units of square meters of electrical energy consumption, and improve the resource utilization of stone blocks, stone processing, labor productivity. Hollowed-type blade matrix not only widely used in the field of stone processing, but also in the field of stone mining, ф2600mm over very large hollowed blade matrix has been more promotion use.
With the stone industries carpets development, stone saw blade will follow the footsteps of the energy-saving and move on
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