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Granite vanity top installation

Installing a granite vanity top can produce a clean and modern design.Granite marble mesa, durable, beautiful, has more advantages, can be used in a basin sink install a granite vanity top can be according to the sink and faucet has connected to the top, and cabinet base is clean.Granite vanity top installation. The granite counter upside down so, the underside is attached to the bottom of the sink face the counter multiplied by a bead organic silicone adhesives below the counter of the sink in edge cutout.Using epoxy additional sink sink and counter installed hardware this is done in three steps stem must be fixed bolt of granite, mounting clips himself the sink.Application of granite and press below epoxy bolts stem in place allow epoxy build 10 minutes, then use epoxy attached mounting clips of subsidence with wrench, attach mounting clips of bolt stem.Install the tap to vanity top adornment partially open the tap from branches, the stem of the tap tap hole drilling in the counter through, come back before tightening.Local granite heart bottom ark check before layout vanity be longer 1 inch in front of the cabinet on both sides and the loyalty of many and forged to adapt to the template accurate vanity and position.Water supply and discharge will be installed at the top of the vanity is safe to avoid cutting the sink, keep on vanity is upside down, this step if not be a template, as far as possible the counter as close to the center of the vanity.

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