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How to install slate tiles

Slate is a long ideal material in the basement floor or patio concrete deck according to indoor or outdoor installation are some technical differences, but overall, SLATE is not complicated to install.How to install slate tiles? Clean of the concrete floor and the crack, not the check is adjustable seam if the concrete surface is not balanced or serious damage, you should hire a professional contractors, especially for outdoor floor.If the floor is in good condition, you can make this a DIY project and the following steps.If your outdoor concrete expansive section should not fill in color these need to open when the project is done once the cracks are filled with, to determine if the floor is even enough so that you can lay a more mortar base, or if you should do that.Cement backer board is a rigid material, you can be installed in the floor surface is uneven, mortars and rock ceramic tile can put level it is not necessary to of the concrete floor in good condition, not suitable for outdoor use.Find the center of the room, and concludes that the vertical chalk line the walls, so they cross in the center, lie in the dry, 1/2 inch interval, starting from the center, with chalk line to guide the right angle.

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