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Limestone for building

Limestone is considered as the bone of a building.Limestone for building is the best.It is relatively long until people produce air pollution caused by acid rain so limestone alkali reacts with the acid and dissolved away Roman and Greek people do a lot of limestone buildings and statues of limestone about 2000 years.The problems are and quarrying any look ugly quarry this is a huge hole, there may be happily application if there is a chance obviously everyone would like the fields, but we also want to limestone.The site for a quarry doesn't provide much habitat for the majority of the animals and plants, and the original landscape many mines into lakes once they have exhausted, and can make water habitats of plants and animals.It is cheap and abundant, the country's most areasa within 100 miles of a source, its not too difficult to transport to get it from the earth is not difficult nothing special, rare or dangerous chemicals are need amke into available.Many buildings are in fact limestone.Limestone calls chemical sedimentary limestone belongs to the sediment they are formed the Marine environment from the precipitation of calcium carbonate calcium has brought into the sea through the hydrological cycle.

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