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Stone refurbished crystal construction technology

1, into a dry - the process in two cases of operation, ①the original stone joints of water stains, the use of far infrared light heating drying. ②other flat moisture, naturally dry. As a result, the phenomenon of water stains has been completely removed, both economical and reasonable, the customer is very satisfied.


How to reduce the indoor marble floor radiation hazards

Decoration problem marble floor tiles

Marble itself is radioactive with it is the brand that model has nothing to do, at best, a certain kind of stone radiation point, a kind of stone radiation small point only.


Stone conservation

Stone conservation need to note three bogey

Firstly, avoid direct wash with water


Personal personalized decoration with stone need to be careful with radiation

At present, the home personalized decoration has become the general tendency of the middle class of the city, the original mainly for the building facade, residential lobby and the public hall of the public space of the natural stone, began a lot into the private home space. The high-grade stone has a natural pattern and beautiful colors, to provide interior designers with a broad creative elements. But in the daily use, many people tend to ignore the reasonable maintenance, there are many errors on the understanding.



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